The company advantage

Industry leader、Strong,Strict quality control,To provide quality products and service for you

  • Advantage

    China's stereoscopic greening professional service providers,Since its establishment has a patent for invention30A、A new practical patent38A、The appearance of the patent54A。
  • Advantage

    1Hundred million+Flower box sales
    The wall、The roof and rich practical cases and so on the viaduct,Steve will be、Youth Olympic Games、Mr Green will be、Jiangsu provincial games such as the exclusive provider。
  • Advantage

    20KPlant area
    Have their own production factory,Modern technological process,The equipment is advanced,In accordance with theISO9001Standard production,To ensure high quality products。
  • Advantage

    Gold medal service
    Customer service team24Hours online to serve you,Combination5SProfessional line service system,4Hours to solve the problem for you,High efficiency rapidly。

The partner

10Years of hone,More than10000+The customer by heart!Because of the heart,So gratified